Have a great idea for a book but don’t have the time to write it?

Want to ‘guru-fy’ your learnings?

Want your ideas to reach out to a larger audience?

Ghostwriting services at Nishkawrites can help you.

What’s Ghostwriting?

It’s  not related to somehow connecting with people ‘on the other side’!

As a ghostwriter I collaborate creatively with you to create a book out of your idea.

I ghostwrite non-fiction. Till date I have written on different subjects – from finance to astrology and even history.

How can a ghostwriter write about a known subject, she is not familiar with?

Because ghostwriters love listening, are intrinsically curious about new ideas and enjoy writing. Yes. That’s the basic requirement.

You talk- we listen, take notes, read up, write, question again and there…we have a book.

In fact, that’s just the general outline of the process but in actuality it varies from client to client. I have written books with a two-line brief to books that were written only after deep discussions. It depends on how you want to take it further.

Contact me if you want to share a new idea through your book or even if you want to create a book as a marketing tool.

How do I get my book ghostwritten?

Simple. Just click the button below and fill up the form it opens. I will soon get in touch with you.

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