A Thousand Miles and More…

As a kid I read everything I could- from books to encyclopedias to regional magazines and newspapers any thing that came into the house…I read.

Because at that time, books- storybooks to be exact, were rarely bought for children and certainly never in the rate I read. So I raided my parents and grandparents collections, and those of their friends. It was an education. I just didn’t know it.

Through it all, I never thought that one day I would be writing. If I had known the heartbreak and burn-outs it causes maybe I would never have walked the path. But in my ignorance I chose the right way, the harder way. Of course, I thought that the way would be easy and it would glow in a soft golden light…

But the road never changes, the traveller has to change.

Over the years I learnt:

  • Writing is much more than just joining words and penning books…
  • Writing demands discipline
  • Writing celebrates routine
  • Writing is a practice

Yes. Writing is a practice just like meditation or any skill. Sure it has it’s eureka moments but if we wait for just those moments to write then we will be able to write just a page or two in a lifetime.

If you think writing will keep you away from the 24*7 corporate life, think again your mind is a harder taskmaster than any boss riding a tiger and swinging a whip.

If all this excites you- then write and get ready for the journey of a lifetime…a journey of a thousand miles and more…a never ending travel with a few scenic spots thrown in-between to entice and encourage the weary traveller…

They are like breadcrumbs thrown at the hungry. They will never fill you up, but they will keep you walking.

Write on…

Just as I have. Over the years I have written articles, blog posts, books (ghostwritten them), scripts, stories for children and I am ready for more!

Welcome- traveller, writer, routine-sticker, fellow practice and drudge companion.

The road beckons.

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