Welcome to my site. I have been freelancing as a writer since 2008 and I created this website to provide businesses and professionals with the most critical tool to succeed- the right words.

Writerally (I couldn’t resist!), words have become the new shoes.

Remember a time when it was said:

“You can tell a gentleman by his shoes”

Well,  in this high-content driven time you can tell a person or a business by the words they use.

That’s where I come in…

Who am I?

This riddle is easy to crack…

I am a  writer…a ghostwriter to be more specific based out of Mumbai, India.

I have been writing since 2008…and much before that I did an MBA in finance and marketing. I even worked in a bank  for a few years, till one day, I finally heard the wail in my head as I walked through the glass doors of the bank and said No More!

What I loved though, was the finance part of the bank…so when I found that I could easily communicate those financial ideas to people who find it hard to decipher debit from credit…It became my clarion call to start writing for businesses.

Over the years I have written blogs, white papers, case studies and more for businesses.

As I wrote away, I discovered that books  are case studies in a novel format (especially the non-fiction ones)…and I soon started writing books for business leaders and entrepreneurs. Books are powerful tools in personal brand building.

Some of my authors have gone on to start successful consulting businesses based on the power of the books I have written… because books give you the authority to become a thought leader in your niche.

That’s my journey in a nutshell… what’s yours? Would you like to write a book on it? or maybe you just need a book coach to guide you through the process while you pen your words?

Let’s talk…