Welcome to my site. I have been freelancing as a writer since 2008 and I created this website to provide businesses and professionals with the most critical tool to succeed- the right words.

Writerally (I couldn’t resist!), words have become the new shoes.

Remember a time when it was said:

“You can tell a gentleman by his shoes”

Well,  in this high-content driven time you can tell a person or a business by the words they use.

That’s where I come in…

Who am I?

This riddle is easy to crack…

I am a  writer…ghostwriter to be more specific based out of Mumbai, India.

I work with help business leaders and entrepreneurs to create books that carry their ideas.

Some of my authors have gone on to start successful consulting businesses based on the power of their books.

Because books give you the authority to become a thought leader in your niche.

Business books propel their authors to a wider audience and make their idea more easily accessible to many.

Writing a business book is a good idea…