Who is a business book ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who usually writes material credited to other people. The material’s copyright transfers from the ghostwriter to the author upon project completion and payment of fees.

As a business book ghostwriter I help business leaders like you, clearly explain your ideas so that you can reach out to a wider audience.

More than that, I help you ideate on ways to make their content more interesting and accessible.

How can a ghostwriter write about vastly different ideas?

Because ghostwriters love listening, are intrinsically curious about new ideas and enjoy writing. Yes. That’s the basic requirement.

Plus, communication is key.

You talk- we listen, take notes, read up, shape ideas, become devil’s advocates, question again and there…we have a book (of course we write too!)

In fact, that’s just the general outline of the process but in actuality, it varies from client to client.

How does business book ghostwriting work?

It depends on you and your stage of book development. First, we usually decide on the purpose, topic, structure, and style.

Then, the Table of contents can be decided and post that, I can simply record you as you talk and later shape your integrated narrative.

Clearly, it is a collaborative process. Hence, clear communication and a good fit between the author and the ghostwriter makes a world of a difference. And that’s why ghostwriters always prefer meeting their clients to discuss the book idea.

So let’s meet!

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is standard practice in my business. I don’t disclose a ghostwriting-author relationship or titles I’ve ghostwritten without expressed permission.

You are free to decide the level of ‘invisible co-authorship’ you want for your book while setting the contract.

Getting started

Please write a sentence or two about your prospective book in the Contact Page.

I realize you’re a busy professional and time is in short supply. But a good book starts with questions.

You can expect to significantly shorten your time investment by working with me as your business book ghostwriter.