Creating Email Campaigns
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Creating Irresistible Email Campaigns

The 1-2-3 of email campaigns reads like this: Write an interesting, eye-catching headline Continue with a mail that interests and sells the idea of the product Take the customer to a landing page or home page to close the deal Whatever you do- get those emails to generate business or help you create a list… Continue reading Creating Irresistible Email Campaigns

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Wanted: A Courageous Writer

Why is writing so much more difficult than reading? Why do that brilliant storyline and that sparking dialogue that resounds in my mind never translate as such on paper? At least not with ease… All writers go through these stressful hair-clutching moments…yet despite all these frustrations and anxieties related to writing anything between 600000 and… Continue reading Wanted: A Courageous Writer

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Ghostwriting basics that work for me

The first question in a ghostwriting deal will always send you back to the grocery store- how much? Quote a well- thought out skimmed figure and the person will invariably blink and then will start an array of bargaining tactics.· Hmmm…but what is your hourly rate?· I will give you more work.· And my all-time… Continue reading Ghostwriting basics that work for me