Why Stories?

“Why do you waste time on stories?” I am asked.

Now before this turns into a book lovers Vs others spat, let me just jump to the practicality of stories.

Because if there is something I have learnt about people over the years- it is that they might talk about the ideal way to live and dish out general advice but they almost always settle for something far less appealing and more practical- money.

So, here’s one of my practical reasons for loving stories- 

Once upon a time an indie singer sent out a video. The video was not a song but a story…a story about her and her band’s decision to chuck a music label and create songs. The story was about a dream to connect the singers to the public without getting a middle man in between. It was the story of free music, unshackled creativity and the desire to sing. The video had no special effects, no fabulous location…in fact it was shot on a street corner and the messages were plainly written by a sharpie pen on plain, white paper.

 This story went on to earn $1.2 million in its kickstarter, earn a TED talk for the singer and a book!

Stories are not time wasters…

Plus, stories are not just for children and dreamers.

Yes, the best stories can:

  • Increase sales
  • Create new markets for old products
  • Market an idea

From the cave men who gathered in a dark night around a solitary fire discussing their day and then drawing it on wall for posterity to electronic books, videos, movies, sales pitches, blogs, articles and more..stories have come a long way, but their essence remains the same- to connect.

Stories are not just spun out of thin air, they are the air we breathe.



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