The Write Journey, Thoughts

Imaginings on a door

I have a cracked door. I love it. Its my imagination door. The laminate peels in different places, and in those peelings I see things. Do you see things, people and animals too? Come let me show you…. 
The first one is a village woman carrying a pot on her head. And the other…why that is a stump-footed Russian soldier marching holding a gun on his shoulder  or he can be doing the Polka!
Now this is so obviously and antennaed alien.
There are too many here, so lets me just tell you about the two big ones (I am still deciphering the codes in the others). The first is a rocket taking off and the other, why its a dog sitting with his legs spread out in front…..just turn your neck to the left and you will see it:)
Is it only me? or do you do it too?

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