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The daily grind- The psychology of Agatha Christie

How you talk says a lot about what you think. That’s what one of the Agatha Christie’s pointed out to me. So if you are the kind of person who says ‘ I wish I could get rid of my wife’. Even as a joke. You might as well be the person who brained, hacked and hid her remains- even if you have all the alibis in the world.
Where is all this leading us? To Vikram of course.
Vikram, my husband, long suffering according to him and long tormenting according to me. The basis of a solid marriage according to others.
Well, one day we went on a trip. Along the way Vikram got a call from a guy, I’ll call X. X asked Vikram how long he would take and where he would stay. The purpose of the trip was to meet X and we (Vanya and I) were there for the scenery. Vikram said he would meet him soon, verbatim it was:
“ Ya, as soon as I dump err.. park them umm.. leave them in the hotel”
Now you know why I thought of Agatha Christie.

2 thoughts on “The daily grind- The psychology of Agatha Christie”

  1. Would like the readers to know that this is the writers figment of imagination. Such a statement or even a statement close to the one quoted was never made , never meant and never thought of. I fully support the women's reservation bill and their rights ( and their wrongs). My best wishes to the writer ( the aspiring Aunty).


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