The daily grind- my happy visit

I visited an astrologer and it made my day:)
Try it, this never fails to cheer one up. These astrologers are god-given cheerleaders, they can make the gloomiest clouds disappear. Don’t believe me, listen to this- this is what he told me…..
I am an emotional goofball:) yet the emotions don’t hamper me
I am not bound by routine
Unconventionality doesn’t set my moral indignation antennas up… seems I don’t have any
I am a sentimental nut
Wow…the guy really knows how to spread it out. Did you ever find any of these traits bad, aren’t they just endearing. Hmmm….I think I am falling in love with myself.
In practical tones you can translate them into the unappealing ones like-
Practically lady, you are floating in the air, the earth doesn’t speak to you nor do the conventions.
Look what he did.
I have changed tracks from finance to writing and everytime they have said the same thing….I am on the right track:) The assurance you get makes you strive out. Things might not work out, but you feel they will….who knows maybe that positivity is all we need at times.
Astrologers know the human frailties and know how to sell you. They might see into the future, or not ,yet they invariably make you feel better. A trip to them is highly recommended.

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