The daily grind- The rodent and the pacifist

How do you deal with pesky rodents, rats in particular? I for one was all for the humane method of catching and releasing…till the day I really had to deal with it.
Residing in Mumbai’s high rises, nature doesn’t have any chance of enlivening your day. Rude natural shocks are out of question, so I was totally unprepared for the rodent attack. To cut to the tale(pun intended), the kitchen wire gauze window was bitten open by razor sharp teeth one night and the evidence was out. What to do? Rat poison was the evident answer. So the following night the meal was laid out and the window thrown invitingly open. What followed was disaster. I had of course closed the kitchen door, but was awakened by tiny squeaks and a slight crash in my bedroom. Our fort had been invaded and it was not a soft ,small rat but a big, black, herculean monster.
I don’t know who squeaked on first sight, but my reflexes made me jump up. Vikram’s strong man tactics seemed absolutely necessary for the moment…so he was awakened. A game plan was hatched. We would use brooms to manhandle the pest .
But the weapons (brooms) were too thin , the rat too fast, the hiding places too many. There was a particular moment when rodent and Vikram eyed each other for a full minute. I am sure they signalled their male suffering due to pesky females who couldn’t sleep through the night. Sorry, I am being told that the above comment was uncalled for.
It is hereby struck off memory:P
Reviewing strategies, we realized we were beaten.
Thankfully the rat found the solution- it decided to scoot inside a pillow. We jumped, pounced and held the opening tight. War whoops and cries ensued and the excited hormones made us go for the kill ( note it was the adrenalin not us).
So this was the end of the pacifist
The rat is gone, but the fear remains, every night I wake at the slightest creak. Is it only our house that creaks and squirms in the nights?

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