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Sabine and Griffins

I am zapped. The book is awesome but its beauty lies in its art….amazing. How did I manage to miss it for so long. It completes itself in three marvelously creative books, that captivate you with their style and obviously the mystery.
Sabine and Griffins by Nick Bantock, is book written on personally created stationary by two artists Sabine and Griffins. It has postcards and letter s, the concept is new and the art is stunning. It is a book just right for my yet to be created library in the home of my dreams. Perfect.

ok…now let me describe it further. The first book begins with Sabine’s postcard to Griffins. Since childhood, Sabine has had visions of one man’s drawings as though she were looking through his eyes while he was working and then when she was in her late 20’s she found that the artist was Griffin. And so starts this amazing correspondence. Who is Sabine? Is she real or a figment of artistic imagination. They soon realize that they are madly in love, but mysterious circumstances prohibit their meeting. Are they corresponding through time? Can they ever meet? The trilogy completes the story. One more addition to my library. Fantastic.

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