The Write Journey, Thoughts

stressed out doing nothing

There is a sudden lull in my work and it’s quite disconcerting. My schedule is totally disrupted by doing nothing. Somehow I always thought that nothingness is a sublime state; it’s what is prescribed as the antidote to our stressful lives, but here I am feeling like jumping out of my skin and restlessness is pervading my being. Not good.
Wonder if this is what happens when people retire. Thankfully I have chosen a career that has no retirement age only Alzheimer’s can strike me down. But what about those professions that end with a certain age? Nothingness is not easy to deal with. It needs prodigious control or you totally slip out of hand.
I am dealing with my stress in the only way I know by writing. Its not contagious so don’t worry while reading these wandering thoughts. I have finally thought out my book and will try and use this time for constructive work.

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