Green is my garden

Green is in. Yet, it was not a color I ever thought about. Growing up, my childhood was surrounded by its verdant sheen. everyday my mom or maid would either be weeding, watering, pruning, sowing or stealing greens. The last was the maximum adventure in our staid city and the expeditions would be planned out.Earlier forays into the adjoining neighbourhood would have informed them of some beautiful plant that they could ‘twitch’for their own and they would set out in the night armed with gardening scissors to filch cuttings…..asking might havde got the same results, but I guess they preffered the joy of taking rather than recieving; sometimes they would not have to work so hard for it and the plants would be lying discarded on the roads by their non-discerning owners.
Greens of various hues filled my house and my garden and the day we moved to a new neighborhood, we hired a truck for the plants alone, but many were still left behind.
Growing up in this haven of green, I never thought about them and was just content to sit back and soak in their beauty while the others cared for them. It all changed when I moved to Mumbai. Few people in this teeming metropolis own a patch of green and the balconies in all the appartments have been absorbed to increase carpet areas. Living space is at a premium and at times appartments with plants are targeted by neighbours who get drenched in non-seasonal downpours from watered plants. The lack of greenery made me pine(no pun intended) for the comforting color and made me realise it’s luxury. No amount of house decor can add the same touch of comfort and beauty that one verdant, blooming pot of lush green can and for that I am all for green.
My daughter proudly claims the few plants that I manage to fit in a tiny corner as her ‘garden’ and even manages to muster excitement for the 3 pots that she wilfully weeds. The garden is tiny and the blooms are few but whatever there is, distracts the eye from the monotony of skyrises and for that beauty I am thankful.

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