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Okay….I’ll come out clean, I have an eclectic taste (to be polite) in books. My favourites range from classics to the much maligned historical fiction.

The idea of reading history without going through yawning,erudite paragraphs always seemed a good choice to me and so I defend my love for the Georgette Heyers (they give a great sense of that period’s elite, plus they were also the precursors of chic-lit:))and Désirée.

Désirée has all the ingredients of a pot-boiler ~ young love and betrayal, passion and heartbreak. What makes it stand out is the range of historical characters who come to life in this fictional space- Napoleon, Josephine, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte (who was crowned the King of Sweden and Norway) and Napoleon’s dysfunctional family. The book recreates their illustrious lives and loves in a way that general history lessons don’t.

The book tells the story of Citizeness Bernadine Eugenie Désirée Clary; the daughter of a ‘respecatable’ silk merchant, the bethrothed of Napoleone Bonaparte and the wife of General Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte.
Désirée is naive and intuitive with a lay charm that endures. The best part is that you don’t need to lock yourself away to enjoy the book in seclusion- once you start it, it will totally cut you off from your daily grind. A must-have on rainy days.

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